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"PC" is the leading personal computer magazine in Yugoslavia, targeting mainly IT professionals. It began, as the first privately owned computer magazine in Yugoslavia, in April 1995. Within first years, it grew and established a wide circulation, with a large number of regular subscribers. "PC" is considered an important source of information for all those choosing, buying or setting-up computer systems. The magazine hits the newsstands on the 5th of each month - each issue has approximately 150 pages, printed to highest technical standards, with an additional 32-page booklet, which gives a detailed description of some software package. From time to time a CD-ROM is given with the magazine.

The magazine is divided into sections, which feature news, market analyses, hardware and software review, communications, Internet, programming and productivity hints. Articles written by recognized authors, apart from giving useful information, offers an interesting reading.

The Editor-in-Chief of the magazine is Dejan Ristanovic, and the members of the Editorial Board are Vesna Jeremic, Dejan Ristanovic and Zoran Zivotic. The Editor is Voja Gasic, and the Executive Editor is Aleksandar Veljkovic. Senior contributing editors are Milan Basic, Milan Cetic and Bojan Petrovic, and the list of contributing editors include some of the best known computer experts in Yugoslavia, people with years of experience both in IT industry and journalism.

Other publications

Besides the magazine, PC Press company also publishes special editions, books and CD-ROMs. PC Press was the first company in Yugoslavia to follow-up the launch of Windows 95 with a book - "PC 95", and also to follow-up the arrival of Internet in Yugoslavia, with a book and CD-ROM - "Internet". During 1997 and 1998 we published two SezamFile collections of public domain software on CD-ROMs, and also three CD-ROM editions of our magazine (full text and illustrations of the previous issues, in PDF and HTML format). Part of that material is available on this Web site.

Advertising in "PC" magazine

The simplest and most effective way to market your products in Yugoslavia is to place an advertisement in our magazine and to have your hardware or software reviewed by our editors. IT professionals who decide about purchasing computer systems, and also those who later set-up and use the equipment, read "PC". For information about advertising, please see this page.